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  • Nasima Parvin has joined as Director of DNS on 08 June 2016
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সেবা পরিদপ্তরের অফিসিয়াল ইমেইল এড্রেস ছাড়া কোন প্রকার অফিসিয়াল ডকুমেন্ট গৃহীত হবে না। নিম্নে সেবা পরিদপ্তরের ইমেইল লিস্ট অনুযায়ী ইমেইল যোগাযোগ করুন। আরও বিস্তারিত জানতে সেবা পরিদপ্তরের হেড অফিসে যোগাযোগ করুন।


বিলম্ব না করে আপনার পিডিএসটি এখনই আপডেট করুন। প্রত্যেকটি প্রশাসনিক কাজে QR Code সংযুক্ত পিএমআইএস থেকে প্রিন্টকৃত পিডিএস ছাড়া গ্রহণ করা হবে না।


পিডিএস এ ১ম নিয়োগ প্রাপ্তির তারিখ সঠিকভাবে লিখুন। অন্যথায় আপনার ভবিষ্যত ইউনিক আইডি করা সম্ভব হবে না।


ডিএনএস-পিএমআইএস ব্যবহার নির্দেশিকার জন্য নিম্নে ক্লিক করুন। কোন বিষয় না বুঝলে সাহায্যের জন্য পিএমআইএস সেকশনে ফোন করুন।



ডিএনএস-পিএমআইএস ব্যবহার নির্দেশিকা



ইমেইল ব্যবহার নির্দেশিকা


পিডিএস হালনাগাদ করনের ফরমেট

Welcome To Directorate of Nursing Services (DNS)

The Directorate of Nursing Services (DNS) is the central body and focal point from which all activities relating to public sector nursing in Bangladesh are managed. This includes all involved in nursing and midwifery education and practices. Though regulation of nursing education and practice is the responsibility of the Bangladesh Nursing Council (BNC), the BNC works closely with the DNS in regulating nursing and midwifery services.

The DNS has similar responsibilities in terms of executive authority to other Directorates under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). The DNS is a member of most policy-making committees at national level relating to health services and education within the public sector.

The DNS is one of the four current Directorates within the MoHFW. It is the highest body for managing the overall administration of public sector nursing services and education in Bangladesh. Its main responsibilities are:

  • National nursing policy development and application
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Operational plan delivery, budget management and procurement as required
  • Nurse and non-nurse employee administration, including appointments, promotions, transfers
  • Pre-service and in-service educational planning and management: Nursing Institutes and Nursing Colleges
  • Planning and management of development projects
  • Annual awards for best performance in nursing education and services
  • Coordination with BNC
  • Collaboration and coordination with other directorates, Ministries, national and international organizations
Historical Development of   The Directorate of Nursing Services
Pre-liberation (Before 1971):
Before partition nurses were being trained from three Junior Nursing Schools under the Bengal Nursing Council. The first professional Senior Nursing School was established in 1947 at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Dhaka, and managed by few Sister Tutors, Sister and Staff Nurses from Madras and India. The post of Superintendent of Nursing Services was created at that time under the Ministry of Health, Pakistan. A British Nurse who was the Metron of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, worked as the Superintendent of Nursing Services. After partition of the East Pakistan, the Nursing Council was established and the Superintendent of Nursing Services became the acting Registrar of that Council.
In 1949 a group of nurses were sent to England for basic training, on return they were posted in leadership positions in the Nursing Service section. In 1950 the then Govt. offered fellowships to nurses for studying abroad. The WHO started their technical assistance on nursing in 1952, as a result the educational programmes were upgraded.
The East Pakistan Nursing Council was fully constituted in 1952 as a Regulatory Body for Nursing Education and Services. After liberation it was renamed as the Bangladesh Nursing Council (BNC). In 1956 the College of Nursing was established in Karachi to offer Post-basic Diploma in Administration and Teaching. Few nurses were sent over there to have those programmes. Later on selected nurses were sent to have B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Boston University, USA, under the USAID fellowship programme.
In 1960 the Junior Nursing Training Schools were abolished and in between 1962 & 1970 the Senior Nursing Training Schools were established attached to 8 (eight) Medical College Hospitals to provide Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery. The College of Nursing, Mohakhali, Dhaka was also established in 1970 to offer Post-basic Diploma in Administration and Teaching. During 1970-1971 Senior Nursing Schools was further established attached to 12 District Hospitals and started crash programme without having any sanctioned posts for Sister Tutors, physical facilities and teaching- learning resources. The students, teachers and the teaching-learning resources had to be borrowed from other schools/ institutes to start these Schools. However, the number of nurses was increased at 600 in 1970 from 50 in 1947.

Key Links

1. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW)

2. Directorate of General Health Services (DGHS)

3. Directorate of Family Planning (DGFP)

4. Bangladesh Nursing Council (BNC)

5. Bangladesh Nursing Leadership Network (BNLN)


Latest News
2016 সালের বিএসসি ইন নার্সিং পোস্ট বেসিক পরীক্ষার ফলাফল প্রকাশ--
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22 July 2016

সিনিয়র স্টাফ নার্স পদের ১ম পর্যায়ের মৌখিক পরীক্ষা আগামী ১১/০৭/২০১৬ হতে ১৯/০৭/২০১৬ পর্যন্ত অনুষ্ঠিত হবে:
29 June 2016

Ad-hoc Recruitment BPSC checklist-->
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12 June 2016

Nasima Parvin has joined as Director of DNS on 08 June 2016
08 June 2016

PSC exam admit card can get here--
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04 June 2016

OMR (SIF) Sheet tender notice-->
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26 May 2016

12ই মে আন্তর্জাতিক নার্স দিবসে নার্সদের সেবায় পরিবর্তনের অঙ্গীকার--
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08 May 2016

স্টাফদের বিনা অনুমুতিতে অফিস ত্যাগ না করার নির্দেশ-->
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26 April 2016

ডিএনএস-পিএমআইএস ব্যবহার নির্দেশিকা:
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01 March 2016

BSMMU approved the curriculum for the master degree program in nursing at NIANER.
22 March 2016

মুক্তিযোদ্ধা গণকর্মচারীর নামের তালিকা প্রেরণের ছক
03 March 2016

Promotion Checklist for Assistant Nurse.
01 March 2016

Honorable Health Minister Mr. Mohammed Nasim has launched DNS PMIS software of Directorate of Nursing Services on 30 December 2015.
30 December 2015

Honorable Health Minister has visited Directorate of Nursing Services on 26 April 2015.
26 April 2015

Please ensure your correct PDS in DNS PMIS for new gradation list.
29 April 2016

New official mail server launched for Directorate of Nursing Service from 16 March 2014. To get the more detailed information, mail at "".
16 March 2014

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